Dublin Devils F.C. is delighted to announce its new partnership with Irish Life, our new primary sponsors.

Since forming in 2005 as Ireland’s first LGBT+ football club, the Dublin Devils have grown to become an integral part of Dublin’s LGBT+ community. While one of the club’s main aims is to provide a space for the community to enjoy sport, the Dublin Devils have always maintained an inclusive policy, and welcome anyone who loves football. The club has a number of 11-a-side and 6-a-side teams, catering for both competitive and social players, and has enjoyed notable success in recent years – its 11-a-side team finished 4th at the 2018 Gay Games in Paris, while last year one of its social 6-a-side teams brought home Bronze medals from the EuroGames in Rome.

The partnership with Irish Life and Canada Life, which is being launched today in conjunction with Irish Life’s Pride in Diversity staff network, highlights Irish Life’s continued strong commitment to Ireland’s LGBT+ community. It will see the Irish Life logo feature on the Dublin Devils’ domestic playing kits, with the Canada Life logo used for any international tournaments the team takes part in, such as the 2021 EuroGames in Copenhagen.


Huge Boost for the Devils

Speaking about the partnership, John McAree, Chairperson of the Dublin Devils, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Irish Life and Canada Life, brands which are synonymous with health and wellness. That coupled with their strong commitment to inclusiveness makes them the ideal partners for us. Above all, our club promotes playing sport, not just to improve physical fitness, but also to ensure the community can experience the mental health benefits which can come from being part of a club, and making life-long friends. The partnership will allow us to continue to pursue our goal of making Ireland’s football community a truly inclusive one.”

John Coary, Club Treasurer, added: “This partnership is a huge boost for the club and opens up an exciting array of new opportunities for us. We are extremely grateful to Irish Life and Canada Life for the support they have shown us, particularly in these difficult times when the impacts of COVID-19 have threatened the existence of so many clubs like ours, it shows a deep and genuine commitment to Ireland’s LGBT+ community. For grassroots clubs like ours, having a partner like Irish Life and Canada Life allows us to focus and plan for a bright future as we come out of lockdown.”




Colum Ward, chair of the Irish Life’s Pride in Diversity Network, said: “We are delighted to be coming on board as the Dublin Devils main sponsor. The club has given so much to the LGBT+ community over the past 15 years and we are proud to support them. It is particularly appropriate to launch this sponsorship on 1st December, World AIDS Day, where people worldwide unite in the fight against HIV. It is also happening in a year where our staff and customers demonstrated great resilience and support against another global virus.”











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